TOTAL QUALITY is the philosophy at the base of all our activities.
The Company believes in Customer satisfaction and pursues this objective through the development of solutions that ensure the best performance over time and the maximum reliability of its products, with a constant monitoring of all phases in the product-life cycle.
The Company’s production is organized on modern assembly lines and work islands. The whole production process is subject to thorough checks and controls, both at the end and during the intermediate steps. Each unit undergoes strict tests, simulating the operational conditions at the Customer’s site even in the most demanding situations.
Pressure, temperature, sound level, vibrations: everything is checked to make sure it complies with the set parameters.
The Company offers a wide Service Network relying on very skilled professionals who can carry out units start-up at Customer’s premises, if required, to adjust the machines to the requirements of any system they are connected to.
To confirm our product's performance, the Chillers range in EUROVENT certified, attesting the reliability of Company data on product performance.
The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification on quality management attests the correct management of our industrial process, following the highest international standards.